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We provide a professional podiatry service to the local community in Edmonton N9 and the surrounding areas. We treat a variety of foot health issues including diabetic foot problems, general podiatry issues and also more technical orthotics and biomechanical foot care.

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We have been providing a friendly Podiatry/Chiropody
service to the local community for 38 years since 1985

Experienced Podiatrists

Our team are very experienced podiatrists with decades providing patient foot health care

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Committed To Good Foot Health

Providing professional foot health care for all our patients

We routinely attend to clients with common foot problems. For example toenail cutting, damaged toenails, hard skin and corn removal. And fungal nails, verrucae treatment including cryosurgery. Ingrown toenail treatment including nail surgery if necessary.

Also diabetic footcare, rheumatoid footcare, biomechanical foot problems, orthotics/insoles, metatarsalgia, plantar facitis, and running problems.

And have experience of treating disabled and elderly clients.

Miriam Fitzgerald


Our Foot Care Services

Bringing foot pain & discomfort relief


Diabetics can suffer with peripheral neuropathy which makes you lose feeling in your feet.
We do a diabetic foot check and explain the importance of foot care and monitor your feet for changes in circulation, skin conditions and footwear problems and advise you how to prevent infection.


There are various types of verrucae. We offer acid or cryotherapy treatment and if necessary both depending on where they are on the foot and how painful they are


Needling is a treatment used by podiatrists to treat stubborn, recurring verrucae. The procedure involves numbing the site prior to needling using injections of local anaesthetic. A sterile needle is used to repeatedly perforate the lesion, pushing the infected cells into a deeper layer of the skin. Needling is mainly used in podiatry for the treatment of long-standing verruca, however it can also be used to help manage some musculoskeletal conditions.


We treat all foot conditions from general footcare this includes nail problems, hard skin, corns and foot pain. You will be advised what is causing them and how to prevent recurring.
Fungal nails we identify and offer various treatments.

Ingrown toenails can be treated if necessary using local anaesthetic if long term it may be necessary for a partial or total removal of nail.


Basic insoles
Heat moulded orthotics
Casted orthotics
 All relieve foot pain by realignment of the foot and reducing the stress.


Foot pain can be caused by various conditions. Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, knee, hip and backpain. We assess and treat from taping, padding, simple insoles, bio mechanical assessment and orthotics.

Meet Our Team

Miriam Fitzgerald - podiatrist (chiropodist) - 0208 804 2651

Miriam Fitzgerald MRCPod

Miriam Fitzgerald qualified from the Chelsea School of Chiropody in 1985 and set up practice in Edmonton, North London.

Miriam is a member of the society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists and is Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered.

Miriam has 38 years of experience in private practice dealing with all forms of foot problems. She has a wide range of experience in general foot problems and has special interests in biomechanics and orthotics, ingrown toenail treatments including nail surgery under local anaesthetic, and diabetic and rheumatoid foot care. She keeps up to date with the latest podiatry techniques and treatments by regularly attending courses in professional development.

Miriam’s many years of experience and professional but friendly manner makes her patients feel at ease and relaxed in her care. Her manner enables her to treat all age groups and she makes nervous patients feel at ease.

Edmonton Podiatrist in N9 - Call 0208 804 2651
Podiatrist Practitioner - Anna Beech D.Pod. M. M.Ch. S. S. R.Ch - 0208 804 2651

Anna Beech MRCPod

Anna Beech has worked in the private sector since qualifying as a podiatrist from the University of East London. Anna provides high quality, patient centred podiatry care and promotes appropriate foot health education to clients with the intention of preventing the development of various foot complications in the future.

Anna has special interest in sports injuries and biomechanics. And she continuously works actively to increase her expertise in these areas by attending special courses. Anna has a friendly and welcoming manner with the ability to make people feel comfortable within the clinical environment.

Edmonton Podiatrist in N9 - Call 0208 804 2651

Frequently Asked Questions

Cold Feet

Keep your feet warm with thick socks and warm boots in the winter avoid footwear that restricts the toes.

Cracked Heels

Dry skin is common on the feet and you should cream your feet regularly. If the skin has started to crack see a podiatrist as these can easily be removed and advised how to care and prevent them.


Can be a fungal infection but needs to be checked and advised how to treat by a podiatrist

Painful Toenail

You may have an involuted nail that can be simply removed, a corn under the nail, thickened toenail an ingrown toenail that has broken the skin all  best treated by a podiatrist.

Discoloured Toenails

Can just be a thick toenail or a fungal infection visit a podiatrist for diagnosis and advised on treatment

Our Fees

Initial consultation includes treatment. 30 mins. £50
Routine Treatment (follow-ups). 15 mins. £40
Nail surgery (partial or total nail removal including dressing appointment) from £360
Fungal nail test. £40
Local anaesthetic. £12
Specialised treatment will be discussed with the podiatrist at your initial consultation.

Happy Stories

Reviews from some of our patients
The podiatrist is excellent, she knows my feet really well, I would not go anywhere else. True professional and excellent service.
Edmonton Podiatrist - 0208 804 2651 - 299 Hertford Rd N9 7ET - Kathy's reviewKathy
I took my friend for corn removal! Very efficient service, was seen promptly and it was removed very easily without it hurting! The lady is very friendly and did have to pay a ridiculous price!
Edmonton Podiatrist - 0208 804 2651 - 299 Hertford Rd N9 7ET - Sun ShineSun Shine
I attended this clinic today and the receptionist and lady podiatrist were very polite. The podiatrist took care and done a fantastic job on my nails.She gave me very good advice. Happy, will be going back, Caroline B
Edmonton Podiatrist - 0208 804 2651 - 299 Hertford Rd N9 7ET - Shan RyeShan Rye
I have been attending this clinic for over a year now, and am very satisfied with the treatment and care that I have received
from Miss Fitzgerald. the Podiatrist.
Edmonton Podiatrist - 0208 804 2651 - 299 Hertford Rd N9 7ET - Ken LeeKen Lee
Fantastic friendly, professional service. Treatment, advice and explanation of treatment so all round medical service. Everything handled hygienically and safely. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Edmonton Podiatrist - 0208 804 2651 - 299 Hertford Rd N9 7ET - Victoria LindsayVictoria Lindsay


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